What is your favorite healthy breakfast? Mine is hearty buck wheat pancakes with warmed blueberries and a drizzle of Agave or All-fruit jam.



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  1. Oh and we have been using buck wheat also and we loveeee it!! And your Haddie girl lovess jelly on hers, you would be proud she asks for jelly every time now instead of syrup!

  2. When I want to just grab something quick I eat apple sauce with cinnamon or an oragne. But if I feel like making something I like anything with egg whites. Something like egg whites with spinach, salsa and mushrooms on whole wheat bread.

      • I love egg white omelettes with spinach and mushrooms! (Though they’re usually a dinner food for me.)

  3. Plain oatmeal (not the instant packets) with dried fruit and nuts (and occasionally cinnamon)! So filling I can’t finish a whole bowl!

    • I love oatmeal too! I like it plain, but dried fruit and nuts sound good. It is also great to keep your cholesterol low. (and your intestines clean!)

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