I Love Artichokes


They are a mystery, a wonder of beauty. When I first tasted artichoke dip, I was hooked. I love boiling artichokes  in lemon juice, and eating them with butter and parmesan cheese. Marinated artichokes are incredible on salads. I was  not exposed to artichokes as a child (where were they hiding?) It makes me wonder how many other fruits or vegetables I have not discovered yet. I am on a mission, to find other natural, vitamin packed, healthy foods that God made and try them.


This photo is a repost, grilled artichokes with garlic and cheese. I’ll have to try it!


About Laurie Stasi

Laurie Stasi is a writer and the author of SHADOW PAINTER. She has a passion to encourage Christian artists to release what God is showing to them through their art and writing. She has been involved with prophetic art for 15 years. She also writes for children, and creates poetry.

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